Photo: Gadi Dagon

Photo: Gadi Dagon



School Shows Project
For over a decade, Batsheva has held its school shows project, reaching communities all
over Israel. In 2013 Batsheva held approximately 30 morning performances for as many
as 10,000 school students. These performances are organized in cooperation with Sal
Tarbut, an art education program operating as part of formal education in schools and
funded by the Ministry of Education.
Partners in the 2013 school performances project: "Shay Le'Israel", "Poalim Bekehila"

Benefits and Donations
In 2013, Batsheva held two benefit performances for the Hotline for Refugees and
Migrants and for the Israeli Rett Syndrome Foundation.
In addition, Batsheva donates 1% of all proceeds to various non-profit organizations every

In 2011 Batsheva Dance Company launched two in-depth programs in the towns of Dimona and Netivot as part of the Ministry of Culture’s "Notnim Bama" (Giving a Stage) project. This project’s long-term goal is to develop, encourage, and nurture local talent and creation. Through a variety of activities, our programs expose the entire community to the field of dance, making it more accessible and friendly.
Our programs include a strong commitment to working with the local dance communities, the production of evening shows and outdoor performances for the general public, Batsheva Days for community members who are active in the spheres of education and culture, and Gaga classes and shows for the whole family. As part of this framework, this season Batsheva will perform Sadeh21 and Session as part of the Dimona Festival as well as the show Kamuyot, created especially for young audiences.

For further details - Roni Dori, Marketing Director : ronid@batsheva.co.il