Photo by David Ulmer

Company's debut performance, December 1964. In the center: The Baroness Batsheva de Rothschild and Maestro Gary Bertini


Photo by David Ulmer


Founding the Batsheva Archive Project

In August 2012 Batsheva Dance Company announced the formation of the Company's archive project, whose objective is to map, collect and preserve materials from the Company's 50 years of activity, into a collection as comprehensive as possible, which will constitute a basis for the continuation of documenting the Company's activity in the future.
The archival materials are consigned as a special, distinct collection in the Dance Library at the Beit Ariela Municipal Library in Tel Aviv, which is also a partner in this great enterprise.
The archive's foundation project is an innovative step in the Israeli dance arena, and is parallel to documentation and preservation initiatives taken by other dance centers around the world, and in other artistic fields. It is a recognition of the institutional and public responsibility to document and preserve the past's materials as a cultural heritage. Therefore the archive assembles all the materials available from institutions and Company people, in order to scan, sort, catalogue and register them (documents, photographs, films, protocols, invitations, rehearsal schedules and more). The objective is to organize the information using contemporary technological means: accessible information for all, 24/7 in Hebrew and English, in order to create a living archive which will be a research center available to all who are interested.
The project's foundation was simultaneously done in several planes: the creation of an updated, responsible database, the assembly of materials and building of a real archive, the construction of the archive website in which the materials will be presented, and an oral documentation project.
The archive foundation project was made possible thanks to the support of the Lottery Council for Culture and Arts, and Tel Aviv Jaffa Municipality.

Project Management: Iris Lana
Research Assistant: Hagar Cygler
Academic Consultant: Prof. Mark Franko
Steering committee chairperson: Nava Dissentchik

Newsletter #1 published in November 2013 was an official announcement of the foundation of the Archive and an ideological and practical statement of intent: Batsheva Dance Company undertakes an institutional and public responsibility to document and preserve its past material as cultural heritage.
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Newsletter #2 published in July 2013, following 10 months of work, it contains a report on the research and mapping progress: the completion of the repertory list and the database of the Company,an agreement with the Beit Ariela Dance Archive, and the collection of archive material.
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Newsletter #3, March 2014

Newsletter #4, October 2014