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Batsheva thanks its friends, donors and sponsors – who are all generous supporters of the arts – for helping to make it all possible.
We invite you to join our circle of friends, an intimate group of those who love and support culture, and are passionate about dance. Our friends are privy to our creative process. They are partners in many of our activities and enjoy access to special events with Ohad Naharin and the dancers.
For more information about Supporting Batsheva and how you too can become a friend, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you at +972.526.325.008
Guy Bernard Reichmann, Director of Patron Relations, guy@batsheva.co.il  
Lisa Preiss - Fried, Director of International Development, lisa@batsheva.co.il  


Support our dancers

Physical care
We're known for our dancers' supreme performance. Caring for them and nurturing them is one of our utmost priorities. To that end, we provide our dancers with the highest level of physiotherapy in addition to other advanced preventative treatments. One month's cost of professional treatments for our dancers:

Support the community
Batsheva in the community
We are inseparable from the community we reside in. Reaching out to underprivileged kids is a top goal for us. Performing in underprivileged regions allows a true equal opportunity for each and every child.
Bringing Bat Sheva to 1,200 kids and teenagers from underprivileged backgrounds:

Support our technology
Holding a leadership role in any field requires technological support. As a world forerunner in contemporary dance, we rely on state-of-the-art technology to communicate with our audience and manage our knowledge base.
Allowing us to be up-to-date in terms of technological industry standards, and supporting continuous creative growth:

Support creativity and innovation                                          
Bat Sheva is a prominent contributor to the global repertoire of contemporary dance, and our choreography has touched people worldwide. The "Creativity Fund" affords us a foundation from which we compose innovative, groundbreaking and thought provoking art.
Join our current annual contributors to total:

Support co-existence
The Bat Sheva Ensemble has joined hands with the Arab Jewish Community Center in Jaffa on a project targeting primary school kids, and in order to encourage dialogue, create social activity and defy any existing barriers.
It is our intention to perform the show "Kamuyot" in front of all of Jaffa's 3rd and 4th graders, in public and private schools alike. A concentrated 5-day performance batch would encompass 10 shows, and would cover 3,500 Muslim, Christian and Jewish kids.
The Co-Existence Project: