Photo: Gadi Dagon

Photo: Gadi Dagon


Excellence and Repertory Courses

Batsheva's Excellence and Repertory Programmes offer young dancers and young students from around Israel to professionally get acquainted with the work process of Batsheva Dance Company. The aim of the programmes is to improve the student's 'tool-box' and develop high level proficiency. The group's work emphasizes the process experienced by each of the individual dancers.

Programmes meetings are comprised of Gaga, the movement language created by Ohad Naharin, that serves as the daily training routine of the company's dancers; learning of the vast repertoire the company has to offer, and attending performances.

The programmes are directed and taught by Hillel Kogan, Batsheva Ensemble's rehearsal director, who is also an independent dancer and choreographer. With him are guest teachers who are dancers of Batsheva and members of its artistic staff.


Repertory Course
Ages 15-23

The course consist of 20 sessions that will take place between November 2013 and May 2014 on Tuesdays 6pm to 9pm at Batsheva Complex, Suzanne Dellal Center.

Apply by sending an E-mail to Alona@batsheva.co.il.