Photo: Mula Eshet

The Collector by Janine Charrat 1980



Photo: Mula Eshet


Introduction to Batsheva Repertoire 1964-2009

Following a year of research, we are happy to upload the company's full repertoire list for the years 1964 to 2009, until Ohad Naharin's appointment as Artistic Director. The list includes all the dance pieces created in those years, along with credits to the creators and the original performers, and photographs.

The list is based on documents from the Company's emerging archive and documents from the Beit Ariela Dance Archive. All documents have been checked, compared and united in an extensive methodical process in order to compose one precise list.

During the list's formation, we had to change some of the Company's present conventions regarding name listing – in the past for example, it was common to credit only creators and dancers, and to note the musician, before the lighting designer. Out of understanding the Company's character, and after much debate, we decided to allow versatility, rather than uniformity. It was also decided that the list will be written using the original terminology, and therefore it sometimes states "music", and at others "sound design", "musical editing" or "soundtrack design" – the information is brought in its original form.

We haven't always succeeded in substantiating information, and therefore, unfortunately, only the dancers who performed in the original cast are listed. Dancers' names are written in the original order, but when sources contradict and the memory deceives, the participants' name order is random.

The pictures were selected from the inventory we managed to assemble, and are published with the photographers' authorization. We have many more wonderful pictures that will be uploaded in the future, and if you have photographs you have discovered, we'd be happy to scan them. Some of the pictures and links we've added are archival materials, i.e. they were not chosen for their artistic value, and they should be viewed as such.

And one last important remark: the list is still under construction; therefore, if you found a spelling mistake in your name, or if you have corrections and additional information, we'd be happy if you shared them with us. Please back the corrections with documents – an old program, a newspaper clip, or a forgotten photograph.

The repertoire list is being created now, about the past, for the future. Many from the Batsheva staff have been involved in its preparation: verifying, adding details, updating, and sometimes refuting, the information assembled. The list is, therefore, the fruit of the joint creation of the Company's personnel, contributing to telling the story of the Batsheva Dance Company.