The Batsheva Dance Company is celebrating its Jubilee year. The company was founded in 1964 by the Baroness Batsheva de Rothschild. In one week of June, you can join the company to celebrate this achievement , and experience the company’s history from the moment it was established until today.


International Academic Conference -" Batsheva Dance Company: Body, Dance, Culture", June 18 – 19, Faculty of the Arts, Tel Aviv University

The Faculty of the Arts of Tel Aviv University is gathering senior researchers of dance, theater and the humanities from around the world for a two-day conference on Batsheva. The conference is open to the public. The program of the conference will be posted at the beginning of June on this website, as well as that of Tel Aviv University's Faculty of the Arts.


Launching Batsheva's Archive, Shaar Tzion Library- Beit Ariella, June 19

With the conclusion of two years of research, mapping, gathering and preserving materials, the Batsheva Archive will be deposited into the hands of the Shaar Tzion Library of Beit Ariella. The evening program will include the opening of an exhibit of the most interesting materials, and a lecture about the creation of the archive by Iris Lana, the head researcher.

The International academic conference and the launch of the archive have been produced in cooperation with the Tel Aviv University and the Israeli Dance Archive at Beit Ariella.


The Archive project is conducted with the support of Mifal Hapayis Council for the Arts and Culture, Tel Aviv- Yafo Municipality and The Beracha Foundation.



Batsheva's Jubilee Celebration, June 21, The Opera House- The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center

On this evening, generations of Batsheva dancers, choreographers, designers and staff who were involved in five decades of creativity and made Batsheva what it is today, will gather together with friends of the company from Israel and around the world . A historic performance by Batsheva and the Batsheva Ensemble created by Ohad Naharin will be presented, as well as the film, “The First Night,” a documentary by Gilad Tokatly.



Many thanks to Bank Hapoalim, Teva, Tnuva, Carmel Winery and Caliente for their kind support of the Jubilee celebration.